About us


We are a multidisciplinary group drawn from Manchester Business School and the School of Development.  Please click on the name of a member of staff to view their academic profile.

Professor Brian Nicholson Prof Brian Nicholson
Prof Richard Heeks   Prof Richard Heeks
http://www.manchester.ac.uk/research/sharon.morgan/ Dr Sharon Morgan
University of Manchester
Image result for fareesa malik   Dr Fareesa Malik
NUST Business School Pakistan

Shahifol Arbi Ismail
University of Manchester
Dr Ron Babin   Dr Ron Babin
Ryerson University Canada
Dr Aini Aman Dr Aini Aman
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
    Karsten Eskelund
University of Manchester

Associate members

Below are our members who are external to the University of Manchester. We are also in a partnership with IAOP.

Dr Aini Aman Prof M N Ravishankar
University of Loughborough, UK
Andy Haxby   Andy Haxby
 Image result for mary lacity  Prof Mary Lacity
 University of St Louis

Prof Erran Carmel

American University